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Civic Program and Citizenship

The City of Parramatta has recommenced hosting face-to-face citizenship ceremonies. Candidates will be contacted by the Department of Home Affairs when they have been allocated to a ceremony.

For more information, please visit the government's 
Immigration and citizenship website.

Citizenship Ceremonies are operating under COVID safety measures in accordance with NSW Health guidelines. All attendees are requested to read & adhere to Riverside Theatres Patron COVID Safety Information during citizenship ceremonies, which can be viewed on the
Riverside Parramatta website.


Australian Citizenship Information Line

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If you need more information, you can call the Australian Citizenship Information Line on 131 880.

If your Australian citizenship is approved, ask for the citizenship ceremonies section.

Citizenship ceremonies

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Becoming an Australian citizen is an important decision.

The City of Parramatta hosts a number of citizenship ceremonies throughout the year for residents who have applied to become Australian citizens through the Department of Home Affairs.

If you have applied for citizenship, the Department of Home Affairs will notify you of the date and time of your ceremony.

If you have any questions about the date of your ceremony call the Citizenship Information Line on 131 880.


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  • Tuesday, 26 January 
  • Thursday, 11 March 
  • Monday, 3 May
  • Tuesday, 15 Jun
  • Tuesday, 13 July
  • Tuesday, 26 October 
  • Tuesday, 2 November

Please note that these dates may be subject to change and that additional Citizenship Ceremonies may also be held by the Department of Home Affairs. For further information about these ceremonies and dates, please contact the Department of Home Affairs directly on 131 880.

Ceremony photos

Each citizenship ceremony is photographed. New citizens will receive an email with a link and password to view the photos a week after the ceremony. It is sent to the email provided to the Department of Home Affairs. You might need to check your junk mail, if you do not receive it in your regular inbox.

Our Ceremonies

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The City of Parramatta aims to hold a citizenship ceremony every second month for approximately 300 people.

The ceremonies are held at Riverside Theatres and hosted by the Lord Mayor of Parramatta.

Council aims to host individuals who are City of Parramatta residents at all our ceremonies.

Wait times

The Department of Home Affairs advises that clients are required to wait up to 12 months to be invited to attend an Australian Citizenship Ceremony and be presented with your Australian Citizenship certificate, however if you are a resident of the City of Parramatta the wait time is generally 3–9 months.

During the time you will wait to be invited to attend an Australian Citizenship ceremony, the Department of Home Affairs advises that citizenship assessment continues. If there are changes to the person’s individual circumstances during this period which affect their application the wait time can be impacted.

Once a candidate receives a letter from the Department of Home Affairs advising Australian Citizenship has been approved you must:

  • Wait for an invitation letter from the Department of Home Affairs to invite you to attend an Australian Citizenship ceremony. The current waiting time for Parramatta residents is 3 to 9 months from that date listed on your letter of approval. This invitation is sent by the Department of Home Affairs via post and will include the date, time and location of the ceremony.
  • If you are invited to attend a ceremony and do not attend, you will need to wait until you are invited to a new ceremony. Failure to attend further ceremonies may result in forfeiting your Australian Citizenship.

Department of Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affairs manages all information regarding Australian Citizenship, including:

  • Applications for Australian Citizenship
  • Approval of Australian Citizenship
  • Allocation of ceremony dates and times
  • Production of Australian Citizenship certificates

The Department of Home Affairs will not under any circumstances move people forward on the list or give preference to attend a ceremony.

For any further information regarding your Australian Citizenship, please phone the Australian Citizenship Information Line on 131 880.

What to expect at the ceremony

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Once an individual has been invited to an Australian citizenship ceremony, the final step to becoming an Australian citizen is to attend the ceremony and make your Australian Citizenship Pledge to Australia and its people.

Making the Pledge

Making the Pledge is the final legal requirement to becoming an Australian citizen. Following your pledge, you will be presented with your Australian Citizenship certificate

Special and formal occasion

Australian citizenship ceremonies in Parramatta are a special and formal occasion.

They fulfil requirements under Australian citizenship law. They also provide an important opportunity to officially welcome new citizens as full members of the Australian community.

They are often an emotional experience for the new citizen, as well as their host, family and friends and other ceremony guests.


There are specific protocols which must be adhered to at all Australian citizenship ceremonies including the:

  • exhibition of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms
  • portrait of the Queen
  • Australian national flag
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags
  • playing of the Australian national anthem (Advance Australia Fair)

Australian electoral roll

Once the ceremony has concluded Australian Electoral roll applications completed by new citizens can be submitted. This allows new Australian citizens to vote in Australian elections. 

Alignment to corporate plan

The City of Parramatta citizenship ceremonies program is strategically aligned with the Community Strategic Plan objective ‘Welcoming':

'We are inclusive and celebrate culture, creativity and our community. We recognise and celebrate our diversity and support a city where our people live harmoniously together.’